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Your FREE 60 Minute Wellness Analysis & Body Diagnostic Includes:

- Thorough medical & exercise history (I need to know what works and what doesn’t)

-Health & Fitness Goal Assessment (I need to know exactly what you want so I can measure it)

-Detailed Postural Analysis (I cannot work you out unless I know your muscular imbalances – this analysis lets me know exactly what to stretch and strengthen)

- Nutrition Overview – I need to identify your nutrition deficiencies because your results are 80% Nutrition!!

I guarantee results and I don’t want to waste your time and/or money so I need to make sure you are willing to: (before even starting our results driven program)

1. Keep a detailed food journal almost every day of the week (we have a free online journal for you or pen and paper works just fine)

2. Able to exercise 30-45 mintues 3-5 days per week (doesn’t have to be here – most of our clients have home equipment or gym memberships – no equipment necessary)

3.  Willing to make changes to your diet including eating breakfast and a post workout meal within 30 minutes, and adding a few snacks throughout the day if time permits

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