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Kevin, Christina, and Lucy out for a hike at Wissahickon Park

Kevin, Christina, and Lucy out for a hike at Wissahickon Park

Kevin Hensel, Owner/ Personal Trainer/ Nutrition Expert

  • Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist by NASM
  • Certified Medical Exercise Specialist by AAHFP
  • President of Fit-4-Life (est. 1994)
  • B.S. Exercise Science & Psychology – Rutgers College

95% of personal trainers are complete idiots! Definitely watch this video “How To Find A Quality Trainer”. (its a must watch)

You have to do the right kinds of exercise at the right intensity (without destroying your joints) and you need to eat the right foods at the right times or you will never see any results.


You need the accountability and support to get through the tough times and everyone is different.  Everyone has different metabolisms, food like/dislikes, jobs, families, lifestyles, exercise tolerances, medical issues, postural imbalances do I need to go on?

One size does not fit all and my Fit-4-Life team knows what works and what doesn’t.

Results are 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.  If you aren’t willing to make changes to your diet you will never see any results!!

We’ll break thru your head trash and create an exercise and nutrition solution that works specifically for you!!

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Matt and his daughter Sasha

Matt and his daughter Sasha

Matthew Hay – Lead Personal Trainer
Nutrition Expert & Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • B.S Fitness Management Univ of Delaware
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist by NASM
  • Joined Fit-4-Life team 2009
  • Annual Attendee of IDEA Personal Training Summits

After graduating, Matt joined the corporate health and wellness team of Rohm Haas, a fortune 200 company.  In a three year period, Matt facilitated a variety of extensive company wide wellness programs, addressing weight loss, nutritional counseling, strength training, workstation ergonomics, back care, smoking cessation, OSHA workplace safety seminars, and walking programs all in an effort to curb and reduce corporate health care costs.

Matt spent over 15 years working on non-profit humanitarian projects throughout the world organizing and leading strategic senior level government meetings with officials from 20 different cities in 6 nations, including numerous mayors, ministry of health and education officials.

Matt returned to the personal training sector full time in 2008 working in the New York Metropolitan area for an upscale private facility successfully coaching executives in weight loss, body fat reduction and strength.  In order to be closer to his 3 daughters in Cherry Hill, Matt joined the Fit-4-Life family in January of 2009.  He currently serves as lead personal trainer helping people shed hundreds of pounds and body fat every year

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The Cirone Clan and Evil Rob face

The Cirone Clan and Evil Rob face

Rob Marshal – Certified Personal Trainer
Physical Therapy Aide & Nutrition Expert

  • Certified Personal Trainer by ISMA/AAI
  • Physical Therapy Aide
  • Attendee of IDEA Personal Training Summit
  • Marine Corps Vet

You would never guess that Rob is an ex-marine because of his laid back personality and green thumb.  He grows his own vegetables – he was inspired by the documentaries “Food for Change” and “Forks Over Knives”.

Rob has been in the fitness industry for over 5 years being certified by the AAI/ISMA after his military service mentoring with local fitness professionals and working very closely with physical therapists to get their patients back on the road to wellness at a local therapy center with corrective exercise and therapeutic treatments.

When Rob isn’t tending to the garden with his girlfriend he’s hitting the rock climbing gym.  He’s an avid climber.

Rob knows the journey to health and wellness lies in nutrition and consistently motivates his clients to think differently about how and what they eat in a safe and realistic way.

He knows that his education is never over and recently attended the IDEA International Personal Training Summit in Washington DC to learn the most innovative and research driven weight loss and corrective strategies by the leading fitness professionals in the country.

Rob has been a wonderful addition to the Fit-4-Life team since September 2012.

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